Welcome to the official Cellophane Company website!

Allow me to introduce ourselves, we are Cellophane Company, a band from LA, London, and Tokyo!

We are what you might call an "online band" as in none of the members have actually met in person, but that doesn't stop us from making visible music notes through our instruments!

Latest News....

Update 4-2-2024

Our return is in the works, featuring all three original familiar faces, plus a new one.

Stay tuned!


Update 12-25-2023

This year's Christmas EP is out! Check it out here! (CLICK HERE)

Let's properly introduce the band members:

Hello, it is I, Paul Sterling, founder of Cellophane Company!

I'm from California.

I started writing songs back in 2017.

(After listening to enough music you eventually think: "Hey I should try to do this")

As for instruments, I mostly play the guitar, but I can somewhat play the piano.

Also, I really dig 60s music.

My favorite artists are The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Doors, Syd Barrett, Gentle Giant, and Tom Waits.

I've always thought "vibe" is very important in music, so I always try for a good or interesting vibe when recording music, I've even used rough early takes over later ones because the vibe was better.

I look forward to working in the studio to create the next rotating disc of music, also known as an LP.

Thanks for stopping by, next!  

Hello, I'm Rokudai Tanaka. I'm from Tokyo.

I met Paul on Discord and decided to join the Cellophane Company.

It's really thanks to the advancement of science and technology that I can play in a band with people I've never met in person, in English which I can't speak, and with virtual instruments, which I don't physically own.

The power of machine translation, composition software, and chat apps is incredible. This is the future!

My favorite artists include Happy Endings, Tama, Judee Sil, Shirley Collins, Brian Wilson, Vashti Bunyan, and The Books. I also like medieval music.

I like to record at home, and I've been doing it for a long time, but it's been one of my dreams to join a band like this, so I'm very happy!

Hello everyone! 

My name is Dominic Jordan, but in professional settings like this I prefer to be known as “Domm”.

I’m from the UK - more specifically, South East England. 

I’ve been great friends with Paul for several years now - as well as an eerily similar love of ‘60s psychedelia, we bonded over a shared surreal sense of humour. 

My favourite musical artists are The Beach Boys, The Band, The Beatles, Brian Eno, and The Byrds. It seems that “B” is a magic letter. My favourite guitar players are Roger McGuinn and Robbie Robertson. 

I greatly look forward to making music with Cellophane Company - it has been a blast getting to know Rokudai recently, and I think the three of us are a fantastic mixture of different people with different approaches. Variety and chemistry are the spice of life when it comes to creativity. Vive le Cellophane Company!

Music Links and Other Social Media:

Where are the main places you can find our music? 

All your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, and you know the rest!

I realize it isn't 2007 anymore, and people really don't really go beyond the circle of popular social media sites anymore, so here are a couple of social media pages that I update sometimes!