Broken Hearted Pirates / Slow Day (Single)

Broken Hearted Pirates

(Timeframe late April 2021 onwards)

We were actually working on a completely different song before picking Broken Hearted Pirates, that song being Big City Lights by Sam the Sham, it was pretty complete but I wasn't completely satisfied with it.

About a week later, I was watching an episode of Beat Club (60s/70s German Music Show) they had Simon Dupree & The Big Sounds on miming to Broken Hearted Pirates, I was instantly enthralled by the song.

So after a few attempts at it, we got a good backing track recorded on 4-30-2021, shortly after that, my friend Jake got me absolutely hooked on World of Warcraft... needless to say, that slowed down mixing and overdubbing on the project quite a bit.

But I eventually got back into the swing of things, and in mid-July 2021, we got the single out.

During the "Picture of the reign of broken hearted pirates" chorus bit, I got a few of my friends to sing along like pirates, during the ending, one of them gets a little too close to the mic haha.

I edited together a music video for it using footage from Blackbeard the Pirate, which is in the public domain.

Slow Day

This song is much older, it's from a much earlier album project I was working on that was eventually scrapped.

It was a completely improvised song recorded back in late 2019.

Anyway, we needed a B-Side for Broken Hearted Pirates, and this was the most complete thing on the shelf at the time.

I started working on the music video for it back in June 2020 for said scrapped project.

Eventually, I dug it back out and added some psychedelic effects to it, I think it turned out nice.