Far Out City / Walking Dead

Far Out City 

In Mid 2021 I was looking for song ideas for our debut album, as it then consisted of many older recordings from a scrapped album project and just ran a little over 20 minutes total, and I figured we didn't have the cred of The Beach Boys (who released an album that's just 24 minutes long), so we had to make the album longer.

Then I stumbled upon this neat sound, which was a "layered" Organ sound.

After goofing around with the organ for a few minutes, I slowly found the chords.

I was visualizing a really cool city (far out, if you will), where there's no trouble, and it's always dusk-type lighting for whatever reason haha.  

However, the original lyrics I had for this song weren't that good, and I couldn't quite think of any words that fit, so I got tired of working on it, and the song went on the shelf for a bit.

Then towards November, as our debut album was beginning to take shape, I brought up to Domm, "We're going to need to put out a single because I'm not going to be able to get this album done by year's end."

He suggested we finish Far Out City, and after a couple of sessions of trying to come up with words, we finally came up with the final lyrics.

For whatever reason, I tried to go for a slightly modern sound, I guess it felt right for this song.

Walking Dead 

I'll get the full story from Rokudai at some point, but for now, I'll tell you what I know about it haha.

This moving cheery delightful song is about Zombies taking over and there being no hope... Yep! hahaha.

This song was one of the first songs Rokudai and I collaborated on back in September 2021.