S.S. Holiday (Hey! Hey!)

S.S. Holiday (Hey! Hey!)

After a brief departure from the band, Domm returned in late November, and he mentioned how it would be fun to make a little Christmas-themed release of some sort.

Inspired by The Beatles' own Christmas fan club offerings, we wrote a few things last minute and did just that.

Counting Down the Seconds (Till the 25th)

Starting with an acoustic guitar jam that I recorded back in 2019, it sounded vaguely "Christmassy" so we put it on the EP.

A Fireside Questionnaire (With Domm)

Domm puts his interviewer skills to the test with "A Fireside Questionnaire (With Domm)", the only problem was that both guests (Rokudai and I) weren't the best guests, haha.

I was half asleep and Rokudai was having a hard time understanding what was being said (English is not his first language), yet Domm made it through with the utmost professionalism haha.

The S.S. Holiday

The next song is "S.S. Holiday" which I mostly wrote, but Domm helped with the 2nd verse.

It's a goofy song about a boat that delivers presents to the kids of Atlantis.

We couldn't figure out one part of the song and for some reason, Domm and I started joking about algae, and out of nowhere Domm shouted: "IT'S GOT VITAMIN C DONCHA KNOWWW" after falling over laughing I said "That's the lyric, we need to use that"

And then we spent the next 10 minutes figuring out if algae actually has Vitamin C in it, and to be honest, I don't remember if it does or not, the lyric was funny so we used it haha.

Christmas Eve Happenings

The final song "Christmas Eve Happenings" was written by Rokudai and the lyrics were written by myself, it's about Santa getting himself into a hit-and-run.

All three of us tried to sing it at the same time to try and sound like carolers, but we ended up sounding like a bunch of drunks after a Christmas party haha.

For the middle instrumental bit, I used a Pocket Operator 33 KO that I bought the week prior.

Overall nothing to write home about, just a bit of fun!


1: Counting Down the Seconds (Till the 25th) [Sterling]

2: A Fireside Questionnaire (With Domm) [Group]

3: The S.S. Holiday [Sterling/Jordan]

4: Christmas Eve Happenings [Tanaka/Sterling]

Produced by Paul Sterling