Old Man Blues Band / Far Out City (JP)

Old Man Blues Band

There's actually a bit of story behind Old Man Blues Band.

One day while I was at a restaurant, I noticed an old fellow walk in with a big guitar case.

After he ordered, he sat down across the aisle from me, and I asked: "You heading to or back from a gig?"

He replied: "Haha, yeah I'm on my way to a gig!"

And out of curiosity, I asked: "What band are you in?"

He replied with the line that instantly stuck with me for some reason.

"Oh, we're just another old man blues band."

Another line in the song "We live for the Rock 'n Roll" is a line I heard that similarly stuck with me.

While attending a Steppenwolf concert back in 2017, there were some loud dudes in the front row screaming that line right after Born to Be Wild was played haha.

Around late July 2021, I wrote the song and recorded the basic backing track.

It was shelved for "The next album after Blast Off" because I didn't think it fit the vibe of our first album.

Fast Forward to July 2022, as Rokudai and I are gearing up for the next album, we decided to release a single with Old Man Blues Band, as it will be the opening track for our next album.

Far Out City (JP)

As per usual, we plan these singles and then scramble to find a B-Side.

I remembered Rokudai made a Japanese cover of our first single "Far Out City", it was originally going to be one of his solo singles but I asked if he wanted to make it a "Cellophane Single" and he liked the idea.

As for the arrangement, I love the atmosphere of Rokudai's reimagining of Far Out City, the spacious piano is great and reminds me of Surf's Up by The Beach Boys.

This is probably the first track that I played next to nothing on, I didn't feel it needed anything really.

The artwork for the single was designed by Paul Sterling and Rokudai Tanaka.

Rokudai added all the fantastic little Yellow Submarine-inspired characters, clouds and flowers to the artwork.


1: Old Man Blues Band [Sterling]

2: Far Out City (JP) [Sterling/Jordan/Tanaka]

Produced by Paul Sterling

Due to his job and general busy life, Domm left the band shortly before this single came out. Domm said he simply didn't have the time to commit to being in a band at the time.

It was always agreed upon, that if Domm got better work hours that allowed him to have more time to himself, Domm would be welcome back to the band anytime.