Suburb Happenings / Raincloud

Suburb Happenings

This was one I wrote back in late 2021 originally for a side-project "supergroup" of sorts that never came to be.

No particular thing inspired me for this song, I just started strumming the chords, and the lyrics just fell into place.
Although the original demo had a verse about wanting to fly a plane out of a house, that didn't make the final cut haha. 

We finally released "Suburb" as a single in November as a lead into our 2nd album which was originally scheduled for release on December 17th 2022, but early on in the month, we decided we should have a bit of fun and release a little silly "Christmas EP" which we did.


This was an alternate mix of a song written by Rokudai off our "Blast Off...." album that I felt was a bit underrated and deserved a "spotlight" of some kind haha.

It was inspired by The Zombies' Care of Cell 44.


1: Suburb Happenings [Sterling]

2: Raincloud [Tanaka]

Produced by Paul Sterling